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About First Fueling Systems
Tylor Hall, President, First Fueling Systems
Tylor Hall has been a part of the fueling industry for over 18 years, first managing International Tank starting in 1993 and continuing a dedicated career, including president of First Fueling Systems from 1996-1999. First Fueling was closed in 1999 by a parent company.

Calling upon his experience and expertise, First Fueling Systems, Inc., a Veteran-owned small business, was restarted to provide aviation fuel storage systems, parts and repairs. Tylor has built fuel farms across the United States and overseas and produced both shop-built and field-erected tanks and systems.

First Fueling Systems offers full service, with site drawings, tank drawings, and foundation drawings for construction permitting through Griffith Engineering Services (GES). First Fueling builds new pumping systems for Jet A and AVGAS for bulk storage, into plane with credit card readers, or diesel and bio-diesel for bulk storage.

First Fueling’s Quality Control Program, with welding procedures and certified welders, provides the highest quality in the industry, and Radiograph welds can be provided upon request. With over 15-years experience, First Fueling brings customers a high-quality product designed to meet the latest Fire Codes, API and ATA103 standards.

Please visit the photo gallery to view photos of our past and present work. If you are the proud owner of a system built by First Fueling Systems, we would like to post a picture of it on our website.

The First Fueling Team
The First Fueling Team